Handmade jewellery of Susan Suell

Tropical look in jewelry

Jewelry trends are always changing, it adapts itself to time and new generations, not only in traditional selling ways but in the internet as well.

Nowadays, being fashionable is very necessary for businesses, especially the online jewelry industry that's growing every day along with the competition between companies.

Tropical looks are designs that are usually worn in hot seasons like summer and colorful places like the beach, however, there are lots of ways of creation when it comes to tropical vibe in jewelry. These are always formed by colorful gems, if there's no color, there's nothing tropical about it, it's all about felling refreshed, fun and beautiful.

This type of look is definitely not for everyone, sometimes it may seem a little out of anyone's comfort zone, but once one tries it, there's no going back. The numerous world of tropical jewelry needs to be explored, because is currently having a major moment in fashion. It's indeed a fun look because of the colors and vintage inspiration, mostly handmade gems with high quality. Generally, there are pieces with references to animals, plants or fruits, any tropical related vibe.

Forget the same boring colors and say hello to exotic lush botanical prints. Nature style looks with vibes of flora or fauna are currently on the top of fashion galleries. If you do it right, tropical can look wildly high-fashion. The advice on how to get comfortable with tropical looks and its colors, is to select a base color and then pick different patterns in the same shade range so you don't go too crazy.

The magic of trends gives leadership to colors, and seductive tones. Celebrities have showed us that in big events it's a must to dress with captivating colors to highlight the tanned skin through precious metals and colorful gems, some like rubies, emeralds or tourmalines.

Would you give up on the opportunity of being creative with colors?