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Coral jewelry pantone color of 2019
I love contemplating a seahorse. I find it a delicate creature that gives me so much piece.

There is few things that people doesn't know about seahorses.
Unlike any other species, male seahorses become pregnant. Females insert their eggs through an oviduct into the male's brood pouch. The male wiggles to get the eggs into position. Once all the eggs are inserted, the male goes to a nearby coral or seaweed and grabs on with his tail to wait out gestation, which may last several weeks. When it's time to give birth, he'll contort his body in contractions, until the young are born, sometimes over a period of minutes or hours.

Seahorses feed on plankton and small crustaceans. They do not have stomachs, so food passes through their bodies very quickly, and they need to eat often.

As a sea lover I made this beautiful seahorse necklaces and earrings they are cast over a real one that is why the look authentic. I gave them a matt silk coat to give them a softer look.

Double seahorse necklaces cast over an original one