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Why I use coral in my jewelry designs

Coral jewelry pantone color of 2019
I'm not sure if you know, but coral species and international trade have established a strong link to dress women with luxuries.

This gem of organic origins appears in seas and oceans forming atolls, banks and reefs, and it is possible to find it in different colors such as red, white, pink, blue and black.

Red corals are the most sought after in the world and only exist in the Mediterranean. By the way ... I live in the Mediterranean and here your fishing is severely controlled.

One of the most important industries in the jewellery industry is black coral. In fact it has been known for thousands of years because ancient civilizations had it in their cultures. The Greeks considered it a lucky charm, the Hindu priests used it in religious rites and the Jews gave it the same meaning as gold or silver.
The strong demand of coral by consumers is an important factor that favors the decrease of these delicate gem in jewels around the world. The growth of coral colonies is very slow and takes different forms while growing one centimeter per year, which makes their existence is not easier. Lamentably the coral is difficult to harvest...

Do you know that red coral is protected in Gibraltar, Malta, Monaco and Turkey and three quarters of the world production of these organic gems are made in Italy? Curious, not?

You have to know too that unworked corals are dull in color and acquire their shine the moment they are polished. A good thing is that this natural gem is not very hard because some varieties are fragile and porous and half of its volume is empty, so it's easy work with its.

Coral reefs are generally located on shallow marine shores, less than one hundred meters deep. So take attention next time when you visit the Mediterranean.

Now that you know more about corals. Please tell me, what do you think about it?
It will be nice to receive your comments about this.
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