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Birth of a pearl

Coral jewelry pantone color of 2019
I am fascinated by pearls! Creating pearls is an amazing process requires much time and dedication.

The oyster bed is a natural habitat that must be painstakingly nurtured before a pearl can even be conceived. The cultivation process begins with a core. In natural pearls, this is simply a fragment of shell, fishbone or sand that floats into the shell of pearl oyster. To protect itself from this irritant, the oyster secretes thousands of layers of nacre, forming a pearl.
Prized for their brilliant lustre and rich colours, are a traditional symbol of elegance and beauty. Depending on the size of the mother oyster, they grow from 3-10mm. Colours range from white, cream and pink to light green, blue and silver.

Pearls are like living creatures. Every pearl is so unique as color, shape and process of how the pearl end up looking. Is just an extraordinary world!

Necklaces shell