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Coral jewelry pantone color of 2019
African clothing and it's culture have been a constant inspiration in my life since I decided to be jewels designer.

It is normal for each region to reflect the weight of its traditions and rituals on its clothing and decorative objects and the African continent is no exception. It's important to say that its particular style stands out among all the others.

African culture is perhaps the most striking of all, due to the wide range of colors that are handled and how bright they are.

The color combinations that offer in African clothing and jewelry are unlimited and capable of transmitting joy and even a deep sense of attachment just by seeing or using them. However, within this culture the clothes represents an essential part of their sense of belonging, and therefore has a special meaning.

Meaning of African Jewelry

Like clothing, jewelry has a special place in the representation of African culture, not only as ostentation or decoration but for the strong symbolism that is tied to it, as the tribes attach great importance to the jewels, since they are used in many of their rituals, marital dances, and even as decoration during sentimental courtship.

Traditionally African Jewelry is composed of a variety of materials, ranging from bones, feathers, teeth and even skulls of small animals, which when combined with minerals, metals and semi precious stones give shape to the most typical accessories of culture.

It is worth emphasizing that the African tribes always had a predilection for blue stone, although it is quite common to find within the great variety of jewels, objects that include quartz, carnelian, yellow amber and corals. This lasts have always been present in the list of elements that provide protection to the tribes and fulfill the function of amulets.

What do you think about African culture. Do you like it too?